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Prices range from:
£60 - £300 per tattoo per treatment.
Extra large Tattoo's e.g.Back or sleeves may cost more per treatment.
No two tattoos are the same, which is why Laserase does not have a fixed price list but rather a guide price.

Costs and payment options can be discussed at your free consultation with no obligation.
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Tattoo Removal

Some people get tattooed and bitterly regret the decision later on. What seemed like a good idea at the time can cause a major problem in later life. For some people having a tattoo can mean psychological distress. For others it can mean difficulty in getting a job. Whatever the reason Laserase can help.
Laser Technology
Until now all other methods of tattoo removal involved major scarring. Fortunately modern technology means that having an unwanted tattoo removed is now usually a simple process that is available to everyone. Each Laserase centre is equipped with the latest in laser technology - Q-switched lasers. These lasers have a proven record of successful tattoo removal.
Safety and Effectiveness
Laserase medical laser centres offer an extremely effective method of tattoo removal without the major problems associated with other methods. Laserase treatment is carried out only by qualified Doctors or Nurses. All safety standards and procedures are met to ensure patient and staff well being.
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Tattoo Removal Success

"Spiderman nightmare ends as Mike has laser surgery to remove web" - The Sun
To the left are the two faces of 'Spiderman' Mike Regola shunned by the world until laser treatment removed his nightmare tattoo. The first picture illustrates the massive web and spiders which made his life hell. The picture directly below that shows Mike pictured after revolutionary treatment erased the tattoo.
Mike, 31, got the startling design 12 yeas ago to make the world take notice. But it turned him into an outcast snubbed by friends and family. And only now, after the tattoo was removed bit by bit, does he feel able to face the world again. Mike, of Swansea South Wales, said last night; The tattoo was the biggest mistake in my life. It was like being cursed.

Mike, a cook, decided to have the tattoo after he lost a job at the posh London restaurant and began having brushes with the law. He said his life was a mess and vowed to take action to make sure he would not be ignored. He added: I went to an unlicensed tattooist in North London and told him to turn me into Spiderman. It cost me 9 but within 24 hours I realised it was also going to cost me my whole life. I'd walk into a pub and the landlord would tell me I was barred before I even got to order a drink. In the street people would snigger, point at me and call me names. I felt embarrassed and lost all my confidence. I just wanted to hide away.

He was saved when a friend showed him a magazine article ,about Laserase a Clinic offerring a revolutionary laser treatment. Mike contacted the Clinic and was taken on as a patient. He had ten 30-minute sessions in which the tattoo ink was broken down by shots from a powerful laser. He said: "The best thing was getting back together with my mum and gran. I was welcomed back with open arms. It was great.
An Established Record of Success
Laserase treats over 1500 men and women each month, nationwide and has an established record of success since 1991.
Medical Consultation and Advice
Our staff give confidential professional medical advice. Initial consultation is free and can be as informal as you wish. Many people need time to think about treatment and Laserase staff understand that decisions do not have to be made immediately.
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