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Prices range from:
£100 / treatment for small areas.
£300 / Initial treatment for full face.
Prices quoted are per session and are an approximate guide only.

If you require a more accurate price prior to your free consultation, please contact us directly on the number below:
+44 (0)1224 573 573
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Non - Ablative Skin Resurfacing Treatment

For many years, lasers have been used to treat skin problems and through continuous research, new uses are being developed all the time. Now following world-wide trials, the laser is being shown to be an extremely safe and effective new method of wrinkle reduction for men and women, without the major side-effects and pain associated with other treatments. This fact sheet explains the method used and compares it to other treatments currently available.
Why do lines and wrinkles deepen and widen as we grow older?
Most people interested in maintaining youthful skin and reducing wrinkles will have heard about Collagen. Collagen is a protein that serves as a key structural component of connective tissue such as skin, bone, ligaments etc.
Why do some people have more wrinkles than others?
Many factors account for some people having more wrinkles than others. But by far the biggest cause is the ageing process. In addition, continued exposure to sunlight, use of sunbeds, smoking, environment pollution and even excess frowning or smiling will increase the amount and depth of wrinkles.
How effective is the treatment and how quickly will the results be evident?
In clinical trials, which are ongoing at present, a substantial softening of wrinkles is achieved with a few treatments, with an average reduction of 58%. Whilst a reduction in the depth of fine lines may be apparent within two or three months of treatment, the full results will only be appreciated after approximately six months.
What are the costs likely to be?
This will be discussed at the initial consultation, which Laserase offers entirely free of charge and with no obligation to undergo treatment. Costs will vary between individuals according to the areas treated. Treatment will only be undertaken after the patient has had a chance to have any queries whatsoever fully explained to them at either the time of the consultation, or, the treatment itself.
Post Treatment?
After treatment there are generally no visible signs of trauma which means no disruption to your usual routine and you will be able to leave the treatment and carry on with your normal daily tasks. We do advise that during and for up to six months following treatment, you avoid using sunbeds and use Factor 30 suncream if exposing the treated area to the sun.
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