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Prices range from:
Test patch
Upper Lip
from £70
Upper Lip & Chin
£80 - £100
Underarms Arms
£80 - £100
Bikini Line
£80 - £100
Prices quoted are per session and are an approximate guide only - minimum charge for 1st treatment is £100.

To organise a free consultation, please contact us on the number directly below:
+44 (0)1224 573 573
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Hair Removal Treatment

Lasers have been used for treating skin problems for many years. New uses are being found all the time. Like many discoveries, the idea of using a laser to remove hair was made by accident. However, following worldwide trials, the Alexandrite Lasers has been demonstrated to be a very effective method of permanent hair reduction.
Unwanted Facial and Body Hair
The presence of hair in some regions of the body may be acceptable for some people but not for others - some people grow thicker and darker hair than others and, for many, noticeable facial hair can be uncomfortable to live with.
Traditional Approaches
There are a number of traditional methods for removing unwanted hair: plucking, shaving, depilatory creams, waxing and electrolysis all of which can be painful, messy and have associated problems.
Laser Technology
Modern laser hair removal technology is sensitive, precise and effective for all areas of the body. Our professional clinical expertise together with state of the art technology offered by lasers can give superior results compared with traditional methods.
Safety and Effectiveness
Laserase medical laser centers offer an extremely effective method of hair removal . Laser treatment is carried out only by fully trained Doctors or Nurses.
What are the costs likely to be?
This will be discussed at the initial consultation, which Laserase offers entirely free of charge and with no obligation to undergo treatment. Treatment costs will vary between individuals according to the areas being treated as well as the density of hair growth and number of repeat treatments required. All patients wishing to have laser hair removal following the free consultation will have an initial test area treated for which there will be a £30 charge. Only if both the patient and the Practitioner are happy with the results of the test patch will full treatment begins.
Is laser treatment safe?
There risks associated with laser hair removal, in experienced hands are minimal. Furthermore, every precaution has been taken to ensure the safety of the patient. The lasers are regularly serviced and the patients are required to wear approved protective goggles at all times.
An Established Record of Success
Laserase treats over 1500 men and women each month, nationwide and has an established record of success since 1991.
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