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Prices per treatment:
Full face
1st £300 then £150-£200
Small areas
from £100
Prices quoted are per session and are an approximate guide only.

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Acne / Rosacea Treatment

What is Acne?
Acne is an inflammatory skin disease which affects the tiny pores that cover the face, arms, back and chest and the oil glands attached to them. It is an extremely common condition especially in adolescents with a peak in the late teens. Acne may however, appear for the first time in the mid-twenties or even later and persist in a significant number of people into their forties or even their fifties. Often acne later in life is called Rosacea.
What causes Acne?
It is often related to levels of the hormone, testosterone, in the blood. Acne occurs when dead skin, near to the pore through which the hairs emerge from the skin, become more sticky and partially or completely block the pore. The oil or sebaceous gland also produces more oil, which gives rise to a generally oily complexion. The blockage in the pore restricts the flow of oil onto the skin surface and the skin cells form a black head in the hair channel. If there is deep-rooted inflammation and infection, then this can result in cyst formation and scarring.
What about the NLite laser?
Without a doubt, the biggest break through for decades in the treatment of live acne is the NLite Laser. This laser was used to improve the appearance of lines wrinkles and scars by stimulating collagen production which also has the effects of reducing the general signs of skin ageing. However, it rapidly became apparent to laser users that it also had an effect on active spots and the resultant inflammatory lesion (often referred to as scarring)as well as the more superficial acne scars.
What does the treatment involve and how long does it last?
The NLite laser pulses are expertly applied in milliseconds over the required areas. The patient may notice a sense of short light flashes as it passes over. Some patients experience a warming glow and tingling sensation. There is no need for any anesthetic. Typically a whole face can be treated in less than 30 minutes.
What are the costs likely to be?
This will be discussed at the initial consultation, which Laserase offers entirely free of charge and with no obligation to undergo treatment. Costs will vary between individuals according to the areas treated. Treatment will only be undertaken after the patient has had the opportunity to have any queries fully explained to them at either the time of the consultation, or if they have more at the treatment itself.
Is Laserase treatment safe?
Although there are always risks attached to any Class 4 laser treatment, this particular treatment is one of the safest that is available. Every precaution is always taken to ensure the safety of the patient.
The 'Laserase' treatment is only carried out by experienced Doctors or Nurses fully trained in the use of Lasers. Patients are required to wear approved protective goggles at all times during laser treatment.
Before treatment:
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2 months after treatment:
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3 months after treatment:
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